Parody: 100-Year-Old Life Hacks revised part I

BoredPanda published very old, but still useful life hacks. BordedKrzysiu remade them for your enjoyment.

Part II: neighbors, tortures and revenge – Parody: 100-Year-Old Life Hacks revised part II
The following post may be not suitable for kids.
The author of this article admits that some presented life hack may be real, yet still don’t do it at home or wherever. This is merely a parody – Krzysiu doesn’t support any promotion of drugs, as he thinks they doesn’t need promotion.

What was your favorite? Maybe you’d find another story for the pictures? Do you want yet another part? Leave feedback on the Facebook or in the comments!

Mix up sugar in your tea without spoon

Don’t bother with finding a spoon – rotting flowers will do just as well plus you’ll get a slight taste of hippopotamus water.

Sabotage any revolution

Even most wicked crowd won’t notice you are saboteur. Just use this fire extinguish mixture and act it’s a Molotov cocktail.

This little tip will save you a lot of thinking

Before lighting up that fat roach, label any stuff you’ll need, so you won’t need to think how it’s named – especially your favorite munchies like a butter.

You are not alone

It’s not the silver or gold, but the hand moves which brings party ghosts!

Your depression is gone in 3… 2… 1…

If rainy weather makes you depressed, put something down to feel better. Take a potato and stick a rose into it, so it will know that with such look, the only way to live is to serve more beautiful beings.

Stuck bottle

If the bottle cap is stuck, gently put a cotton thread around the cap (don’t damage it) and then fu*&#$@ng smash it against the wall and quickly proceed to the next point.

Spilled vodka?

There’s no time to think. Take off your underwear, soak it into the precious puddle and wring it directly to your mouth.

Cheer up your pet

Your lobster pet will be much happier if you’ll make it a tiny bed and you’ll caress its belly and tail.

Primo: safety

To hide your drugs, mash them into a powder, keep it in the bag with label “sand” and when heat is going up, temporarily move out your grandpa from his urn – it will be a great hiding place.

You don’t need expensive hardware

Your voyeur lust can be fulfilled just by a small mirror!

Yet another cool use of the mirror

If you are so high, your eyes scares away even most tough guys and your lips became bloody red, you may be unsure if there’s any smoke at all and your joint is burning well. A mirror or reflection from gas lighter will let you know.

Get every last drop of vodka

After a party, hang empty bottles upside-down above the plate. At morning you’ll have a wonderful, anti-hangover mix.

Not my fault, lol

When the rust eats up your gas pipes, just paint it up. After explosion nobody will notice the difference!

The common denominator of London and Cracow

In the days of heavy smog the saw will make cutting through the air much easier.

That’s all, folks! Do you want more? Feedback is welcomed!


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