Plushies made by me

Plushies I’ve made by myself. Currently only four, but I think there will be more later.

Llama – the first plushie I’ve made – it was 2011 year. Sewed manually using printed template of classic llama. Made from leather (I’ve got it indirectly from tanner as “useless snippet”) of type called snowtop – whitened ends of hair. It got its eyes replaced. It hasn’t name yet.
Pajonk (pol. poorly written “Spider”) – my next plushie, made in 2012 year. Made from same fabrics as llama. I wanted to give him classical eyes, but when I’ve found old, metal buttons I’ve decided to use it to make it in gothic-style. I like it so much, because it brings good memories.
Coś (pol. Something) – abstract creature made in 2013 year. Part sewed manually and another part on sewing machine. Easy to sew, but I’ve decided that here idea will be more important than diffucilty level. It even hasn’t mouth – it doesn’t have to eat, only thing it needs to live is smile.
Piotr (pol. Peter) – little rabbit sewed manually in 2013 year. I’ve applied few news techniques – stuffed muzzle with teddy bear alike smile, feet made of cardboard with fabric around. Despite many differences with Coś, it’s closely connected to it. Its name comes from name of president of Katowice, Poland.

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