Dry orange flavored tea with clovers and cinnamon

Dry drink for connoisseurs, perfect of cold days. Unique composition of fresh orange fruit, clovers, cinnamon with a black tea. Great way to warm up and great taste.

Dry orange flavored tea with clovers and cinnamonArtificially flavored teas do not always resemble natural flavor. Artificial orange aroma is usually a fine replacement, but still it is really different than natural aroma. It is the same with tea with orange and spices. It is not better, it is not worse, it is just different. Spices makes taste dry and flavor of orange makes it unique. You can make a lighter version using green tea instead black.



per glass

per jug
(1.5 liters/50 oz.)

 black tea  one teabag  4-5 teabags
 orange  2 slices  half of fruit
dried clover
 one or two  6-9
 a small pinch  a bit on the end of teaspoon
see on the image below
honey or sugar
optionally; to taste


Mash up an orange in cup or jug. It is good to have jug with tea-strainer where we can mash up the fruit and put spices inside it. Next add dried clovers and cinnamon. It is easy to make mistake when dosing a cinnamon. You can dose it using a graphic below, which show teaspoon.

Dosing cinnamon using teaspoonWe steep it for a long time – about 15 minutes. Please remember to incase container. This way aroma will be richer and tea will keep warmth for a longer time. After steeping again mash up the orange using spoon. Pour everything it through the strainer, if you have not used jug with tea-strainer. Tea has a dry taste (dry as with wine taste), so some of you will prefer to add more sugar. Anyways, I recommend to use honey. If tea is too cold after steeping, heat it a bit. Again: please do not add too much spices. The more is not the better in this case. It depends how much orange you have to add depending on its aroma. I have shown here average amount.

I recommend to drink it beneath the warm quilt or even better – with close person near you – you will get a double warmth! 😉

Enjoy! 🙂

Dedicated to M.

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