How to fix broken pin button or make it more durable

The simple way of repairing our pin buttons or making it more durable. Or even making unusual clothes! It’s very easy to lose pin-back buttons, so it’s the first thing I do, when I get one.
Also you don’t have to worry that you will injure somebody or about losing it in the moshpit, party, crowded place etc. We will use cable tie and three tools (or tools similar to them): wire cutters, nail file and our hands. Yeah, every pin button has same design flaw, but we could repair that flaw. It’s much more durable and easier (!) than e.g. sewing it.

This way you can mod some clothes – like shirt with pin buttons without risking having a pin in your chest.

I don’t know if it’s some known way. I just invented it when I lost pin button which is very important to me. I found it seconds ago, but I had to make it durable!

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