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My name is Krzysztof and I live in Poland. People call me Kriss, Herr Kriss, or rarely Necro, but I prefer my name instead of nicknames (details are below). Krzysiu in krzysiu.net, my domain name – is diminutive form of my name. My website started in 2010. It was just a website with a few pictures of llama showing randomly. In early 2013 I released a new version, which included articles and other media as well. In late 2013 I released the lastest, third version of website with changed design some new functions and a lot of bugfixes. Now llamas are only the part of my website. What is the common element of all the stuff gathered here? All stuff is created my me. I’m writing, painting, even snoring! Some items are serious, but it’s mostly for fun.


I would like to thank to the following people who have helped me with krzysiu.net:

  • M. – for overall helpful help, support, and not running away when I was talking about problems with code,
  • wpedzich – for helping with English translation,
  • Żbiczek and szczepan – for betatesting, usability reports and overall support
  • You – for visiting and browsing this website. Without you it wouldn’t exist!
  • …many others – my very first fans, betatesters, technical support mostly from #web on freenode

Frequently asked questions

Are into something other than llamas?
My main interests are music, copyright law, computers, pharmacology, vector graphics and psychology, but I could talk about a lot of other topics. I love free licenses (although this website isn’t released on such a license – let me keep something for myself), architecture of my region (Upper Silesia), astrophysics, talking with nice people, cooking, walking in the forest, drinking good tea and watching animals including of course… llamas! I’m tolerant and calm but I stand strong for my ideals.

OK, you are into some stuff, but what do you hate?
A: I hate propaganda (even if it’s about things I agree with) and other kinds of manipulating people or whole societies, populism, people intoxicated to the point of being annoying, destroyers of nature (doesn’t matter if plants or animals), any kind of aggression, both psychological and physical, intolerance, pretending to be somebody else to get somebody’s feelings like love in a real life or hatred on the Internet.

Why llamas? They spit at people!
A: I have always loved those animals, but I’m not sure why. Sometimes I feed them in a local zoo and guess what? They recognize me even after a long time! They are cute, funny, smart, and friendly towards people, including kids. People use them eg. as livestock guards (very efficient!), in animal-assisted therapy, they have very fine coats, great for cold, cold winters. They are a popular theme in South American art, and a long time ago they even had a strong religious meaning. They spit, indeed, but only when in danger. It’s their way of saying “hey man, get out of my face!” so if they see you as a friend they won’t do a bad thing to you and they will share friendship with you.

When will there be the next llama drawing? Can I request one? Could you publish my drawing?
A: I don’t know when. When I make one, I’ll upload it as soon as possible. Of course you can request a drawing – contact me with details like attributes of your desired animal. I won’t place other people’s drawings, as this website is entirely made by me.

How do you draw them? What about website coding and other software?
A: When drawing llamas I use Inkscape, a free vector graphics editor. My hardware is just a simple mouse and keyboard setup connected to a PC. Often I use a Wacom Bamboo Pen graphics tablet, which I highly recommend for amateurs. For coding I use a great editor called Notepad++. I also use VirtualDub for movie editing and Gimp for raster graphics.

Do you own a llama? Any other animals?
A: No, I don’t, but if I get rich I’ll buy me a house with a big garden and there will be place for a fuzzy llama. A miniature one would be the best, but it’s almost impossible to buy it here. For now I made a llama toy. I don’t own animals, although sometimes small spiders come to visit me and I allow them to live by my side.

Why such a domain? How do you pronounce it?
A: Krzysiu is a diminutive form of my first name and I love to be called like that, way more than being called by nicknames or just “hey, you!”. Its English pronunciation is something like [ksheesh-oo]. You could hear it with a Polish accent in this website.

I hate your drawings and I want to shout it to you/I love it/I want you to be my lover/I just want to contact you. But how can I get in touch with you?
A: Please use a contact form. I almost always reply to e-mails, but don’t wait for my reply if your e-mail goes like “you suck, go eat alpacas!”. I love people so I’d be grateful for any mail, excluding those mean ones.