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How to fix broken pin button or make it more durable
[6 months ago]
The simple way of repairing our pin buttons or making it more durable. Or even making unusual clothes! It's very easy to lose pin-back buttons, so it's the first thing I do, when I get one.
Copyrights expiration - Giger, Korczak, Tolkien, st. Faustine and Disney
[6 months ago]
Giger died, but his works are still copyrighted. I've decided to write about some cruelties caused by long expiration of copyrights, using cases Tolkien, Korczak, st. Faustine and Disney.
Baby kiwi in a diaper
[6 months ago]
An image of kiwi fruit shown as a sweet baby which needs its diaper change. Well, maybe somebody will find an use for that.
Why floppy is marketed as 1,44 MB? Units and joke for geeks
[8 months ago]
Explanation of binary and decimal units and genesis of marketed size of 3,5" floppy disk. Why is it really 1.38 MB? Additionaly some picture with hermetic joke for geeks, nerds and IT guys.
Jewish cemetery in Katowice, Poland - photos
[9 months ago]
Photos of Jewish cemetery in Katowice, Kozielska street, Poland (opened in 1869). Photos were taken in January 2014. All photos on CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.
The Rushing World: blooming flower made of white tea (flowering tea)
[9 months ago]
Time lapse movie of so-called "flowering tea" or "blooming tea". This one is a white tea with lychee. Very subtle and tasty! Speed: 15x.
Drug interactions may be hazardous!
[9 months ago]
The picture showing in simple way that drug interactions may be be very dangerous.
Llama impression: dance
[10 months ago]
Do you dream about dancing like on real disco in 70's - Boney M from speakers, white pants, white jacket and a bunch of hair on your chest? I do. Llama has fulfilled its dream.
The fruit of love of chicken and pillow
[10 months ago]
I left a chicken and a pillow in one room for a few days. After that the chicken laid an egg. Such wonderful animal hatched from that egg, born from love of a chicken and a pillow.
A Christmas pomegranate
[11 months ago]
A photo of a pomegranate fruit with a wick stick into it. At first it resembled me an old fashioned bomb, but after change of the background, it looks like Christmas-themed. Enjoy!
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